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My Desktop


It is been quite a while since I have done a post regarding my desktop and system in general, see here for an example. When I was thinking about writing something up I just noticed that it would be fairly too much to cover in one posting, id est I am going to make several subsequent postings tackling different aspects.

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Page Updates #1

There is a bunch of rolled out changes to which I like to announce. The most obvious is the support of a light and dark theme depending on your local settings. This was actually supported by simple.css from the get go, but I simply did not bother to create both color styles.

The keen eye might have noticed that the color scheme is based upon the awesome PaperColor Light VIM theme by NLKNguyen which is also the driver for all my terminal applications as you will see in the upcoming post about my desktop / system.

A minor change has been applied to hyperlinks on this site. Now they sport a fancy icon next to the link in order to indicate that its going to an external resource, rather than an internal one. I shamelessly ripped off the implementation by Hund.

Finally, there has been an update to the Metal_Mittwoch subpages which extends the track listings with style and country information as I usually provide them in the #metalmittwoch toots on Mastodon. The style categorization is taken from either Encyclopaedie Metallum or and does not claim to be 100 percent accurate. So safe your and my time and do not file change requests.