Geek. Metalhead. Programmer. Filipino Martial Artist. Diver. Asian Cinema Lover. Photographer. Bookwork. Omnivore. Chocolate & Caffeine Addict.

About me

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, friends, comrades, alpaca ranchers, mole people, time travelers, and other creatures with opposable thumbs:

I reckon this kind of page is just about the hardest thing to write on a personal website. I could come off sounding way more smartarsed than I am (that would be hard), or arrogant, or self-centered, or self-absorbed - or all of them. To avoid that, I keep this page as short as possible, just giving you some basic information.

About the Author

Born in the late 70s, grown up in the south-west of Germany, lived and worked there and just moved to Switzerland end of July 2021.

While being around in professional development since 2000, I have gained significant experience in Linux, IT Security, Networking, Web Development, Databases as well as in Software Development, Design & Architecture in general. I have worked as a Software Engineer, Product Owner and Team Lead and now taking on a new challenge as a DevOps Engineer/Database Security.

My preferences in music had been highly influenced by my fathers’ record collection as well as the fact that my parents introduced me to rock music since a very early stage of my being. During my teenage years I discovered the more rougher types of metal music (death, black and doom) which are regular contributions on my playlist. I am also contributing to #metalmittwoch on Mastodon; my weekly playlist can be found here.

You might consider “Enter the Dragon” (Bruce Lee) and “The Big Brawl” (Jackie Chan) as the kick-off events of my asian movie affection which quickly evolved to an anything-asian addiction, not limited to movies but also including cultural, historical and cuisine topics — for the latter my omnivoral tendencies are quite handy. Om nom nom. In 2010 I started to train martial arts — specifically Kali Silat Evolution (fka. Kali Sikaran) and Sayoc Kali which both originate in the Philippines.

“Reading means widening your mental horizon”, that is what my mother often said, like on the day she gave me a collection of Kurt Tucholskys’ work — I had been around 12 years old and the book was not really suitable for that age. Anyway, I am actually always reading, be it novels, references or higher art literature. Feel free to also check out my reading list.


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