Afterthoughts on March

Posted on Fri, Apr 01 2022


Page Updates

I have rolled out a whole bunch of changes to the blog of which the majority are under the hood, i.e. changes in the templates used by Zola to build the page.

The entire HTML head section for instance had been moved to macros in order to minimize repetition and gain the ability to fill in attributes like descriptions and titles based on the current page with ease. This change also introduced open graph properties. In the end, the templates are now shiny and much more streamlined, though still not perfect.

A good portion of changes were related to HTML structural flaws, like disobeying order of header levels or skipping levels in between altogether.

The Uses and About pages received minor textual updates as well.

Build and Deploy

Just as an addendum: the page is build automatically on push by a GitHub action. Unfortunately it is still not possible to mass delete old Workflow runs on GitHub itself, so the overview gets rather crowded. To clean this up, I have spend some time on adding a regular automatic job which prunes old Workflow runs and preserves only the three most recent items. This will be covered in an extra article once I have migrated the script to the latest version of github-script (currently using v4).

Social Media and such

In the beginning of March I announced on Instagram that I'm going to shutdown said account by end of the month. After successfully ditching anything related to Google, I finally also got rid of Facebook as well. Next on the list will be the Microsoft account which I actually only own for the weekly granny-call of my munchkins via Skype. The Amazon account on the other hand is going to be a tough call, primarily as I still have MP3s there as well as my Kindle books.

Back To Office

Back to office — or as my employer phrased it "the new normal". Due to a two day planning session I was visiting the office in Bern in the final week of March.

Though I really enjoyed getting out again, meeting my team in person (some of them for the very first time) and such, it still left me slightly unsettled. Actually the numbers are not backing a return to office, and the plan is that we have two office days from now on. Seems that we have to get used to this now.

Holy Cow

It's been a while since I had a Burger, in fact I didn't have any after the move to Switzerland. Thus it had been a very welcomed opportunity to get one as one of my munchkins asked me if we could have a burger. Actually she's vegetarian, ~95% of the time, but she was really sure and convincing that she wants to try one so we had a daughter-dad dinner at Holy Cow. Probably not the best burger I had so far, but this was pretty decent and the little girl was more than just satisfied. So, achievement unlocked.

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