MetalMittwoch Meets Invidious

Posted on Wed, Dec 14 2022

Let me illustrate this post with Justin Peter Löwenbräu Griffin:

Peter Griffin: What Really Grinds My Gears?

As long as I have been contributing to MetalMittwoch I was relying on YouTube for linking to the videos, which was bogling me for quite a while now mostly due to privacy reasons.

I actually had plans to replace all YouTube links by an Invidious instance, but the one thing that kept me away from doing so is the Click here to watch all videos link in the playlist posts, as this makes use of dynamic / untitled playlists.

By chance I just discovered today, that the Invidious instance hosted on is actually providing the same functionality, which I was unable to utilize with the instances I have tried so far. Maybe this is related to the patched invidious setup that is running.

Nonetheless, a quick and dirty Python script replaced all single video and playlist links in all published MetalMittwoch posts by the version (dontation is coming).

Though I could probably, I decided to not update any previously tooted video, but future contributions will now always make use of invidious as a linking target.

#updates #youtube #invidious #privacy