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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2021-04-14

Posted on Wed, Apr 14 2021

Track Listing

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  1. Dazzle Vision - セカンド [Metalcore, Japan]
  2. Psycroptic - The Watcher Of All [Technical Death Metal, Australia]
  3. Cryptopsy - Sire Of Sin [Technical Death Metal, Canada]
  4. Vehemence - She Never Noticed Me [Death Metal, United States]
  5. Anata - Complete Demise [Technical Death Metal, Sweden]
  6. God Macabre - Spawn Of Flesh [Death Metal, Sweden]
  7. Torture Division - Eld Och Plågor [Death Metal, Sweden]
  8. Hour Of Penance - Reforging The Crowns [Technical Death Metal, Italy]
  9. Desultory - Counting Our Scars [Death Metal, Sweden]
  10. Usipian - The Human Spirit Massacre [Brutal Death Metal, Denmark]
  11. Deathspawn - Grace Of Purpose [Death Metal, Poland]
  12. Blood Red Throne - Gore Encore [Brutal Death Metal, Norway]
  13. The Crown - Deathexplosion [Death Metal, Sweden]
  14. Immolation - When The Jackals Come [Death Metal, United States]
  15. Barren Earth - A Shapeless Derelict [Progressive Death Metal, Finland]
  16. Cynic - Integral Birth [Progressive Death Metal, United States]
  17. Enter The Hunt - Yours Truly [Progressive Metal, Sweden]
  18. Alcest - Sapphire [Post Black Metal, France]
  19. Votum - Satellite [Progressive Metal, Poland]
  20. Katatonia - Lethean [Death Doom Metal, Sweden]
  21. Leprous - The Price [Progressive Metal, Norway]
  22. Riverside - 02 Panic Room [Progressive Rock, Poland]
  23. Nevermore - The River Dragon Has Come [Progressive Metal, United States]
  24. Opeth - The Drapery Falls [Progressive Death Metal, Sweden]

Duration: 2h 2m 40s

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