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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2021-06-02

Posted on Wed, Jun 02 2021

Track Listing

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  1. Babymetal - Headbanger!! (Kawaii Metal, Japan)
  2. Tallah - Overconfidence (Metalcore, United States)
  3. Chaoseum - Smile Again (Nu Metal, Switzerland)
  4. Insomnium - The Reticent (Melodic Death Metal, Finland)
  5. At The Gates - The Paradox (Melodic Death Metal, Sweden)
  6. Amon Amarth - Masters of War (Melodic Death Metal, Sweden)
  7. Dyscarnate - Iron Strengthens Iron (Death Metal, England)
  8. Mental Cruelty - King Ov Fire (Brutal Deathcore, Germany)
  9. Bonecarver - The Scythe (Technical Deathcore, Spain)
  10. Ingested - Manifesting Obscenity (Brutal Deathcore, England)
  11. Bodysnatcher - King of the Rats (Brutal Deathcore, United States)
  12. Pieced Up - Uragiri (ft. Kyle Medina) (Brutal Deathcore, United States)
  13. Osiah - The Ominous Mind (Jaded Inside) (Technical Deathcore, England)
  14. Brand Of Sacrifice - Animal (Brutal Deathcore, Canada)
  15. Signs of the Swarm - Nightcrawler (Brutal Deathcore, United States)
  16. Seeming Emptiness – What Spirits Forebode (Doom Metal, Germany)
  17. The Agony Column - The Last Invocation (Symphonic Doom Metal, Belarus)
  18. Thy Catafalque - Szarvas (Avant-Garde Metal, Hungary)
  19. Marianas Rest - Pointless Tale (Doom Death Metal, Finland)
  20. Black Sigma - Dying Sun (Post Black Metal, Belgium)
  21. Opeth - By The Pain I See In Others (Progressive Death Metal, Sweden)

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