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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2021-06-23

Posted on Wed, Jun 23 2021

Track Listing

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  1. Ed Banger And The Kardashits - Videogame Freak (Metal)
  2. The Generals - To Hell (Death'n'Roll, Sweden)
  3. Sledgehammer Nosejob - Blind or Damned (Death'n'Roll, Netherlands)
  4. Jesus Chrüsler Supercar - From Death To Dawn (Death'n'Roll, Sweden)
  5. Helltrain - On Your Knees (Death'n'Roll, Sweden)
  6. Intestine Baalism - Principle Of Causality (Melodic Death Metal, Japan)
  7. Havamal - Berserker (Melodic Death Metal, Sweden)
  8. Suidakra - Resurgence (Melodic Black Metal, Germany)
  9. Noumena - Saatto (Melodic Death Metal, Finland)
  10. Skumring - Søvn (Funeral Doom Metal, Norway)
  11. Mourning Beloveth - I Saw A Dying Child In Your Arms (Doom Metal, Ireland)
  12. Veil Of Secrets - Sear the Fallen (Melodic Doom Metal, Norway)
  13. Nyrst - Orsök (Black Metal, Iceland)
  14. Saor - Bròn (Black Metal, Scotland)
  15. Primordial - Where Lie the Gods (Folk Metal, Ireland)
  16. A Swarm Of The Sun - These Depths Were Always Meant For Both Of Us (Post Metal, Sweden)
  17. Sigh - Aletheia (Black Metal, Japan)
  18. Månegarm - Blodörn (Black Metal, Sweden)
  19. Sólstafir - Alda Syndanna (Post Metal, Iceland)
  20. Heretoir - Golden Dust (Post Black Metal, Germany)
  21. Alcest - Protection (Post Black Metal, France)
  22. Borknagar - Voices (Progressive Metal, Norway)
  23. Opeth - Voice of Treason (Progressive Death Metal, Sweden)

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