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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2021-09-01

Posted on Wed, Sep 01 2021

Track Listing

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  1. Volbeat - Don't Tread on Me (Groove Metal, Denmark)
  2. Black Label Society - Heart of Darkness (Groove Metal, United States)
  3. Broken By The Scream - アイハキミノモノ (Kawaii Metal, Japan)
  4. Band-Maid - Choose Me (Kawaii Metal, Japan)
  5. Maximum The Hormone - これからの麺カタコッテリの話をしよう (Metalcore, Japan)
  6. Times of Grace - Medusa (Metalcore, United States)
  7. Illuminati - Murder (Deathcore, Japan)
  8. Remnants Of The Fallen - Hate And Carrion (Melodic Death Metal, South Korea)
  9. Misery Path - Withered Grace (Death Metal, Germany)
  10. Havamal - Death of Balder (Melodic Death Metal, Sweden)
  11. Be'lakor - Hidden Window (Melodic Death Metal, Australia)
  12. Mhorn - Odium Hominis (Blackened Death Metal, France)
  13. Malist - Timeless Torch (Black Metal, Russia)
  14. Celephaïs - Tir n'a n'Og (Post Black Metal, Germany)
  15. Miasme - Dispatch.rime (Post Black Metal, Germany, Poland)
  16. Deathwhite - Funeral Ground (Doom Metal, United States)
  17. Ex Animo - Empty (Doom Metal, Ukraine)
  18. Amenra - Boden - Spijt (Doom Metal, Belgium)
  19. Fell Harvest - Thy Barren Fields (Doom Metal, United States)
  20. Lucifer - Midnight Phantom (Doom Metal, Germany)
  21. Oh Hiroshima - Holding Rivers (Post Rock, Sweden)
  22. Depth - End (Depressive Metal, Brazil)
  23. Opeth - Closure (Progressive Death Metal, Sweden)

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