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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2021-10-06

Posted on Wed, Oct 06 2021

Track Listing

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  1. The Winery Dogs - Captain Love (Hard Rock, United States)
  2. The Dead Daisies - Long Way To Go (Hard Rock, United States)
  3. Cynic - Mythical Serpents (Progressive Metal, United States)
  4. Soen - Monarch (Progressive Metal, Sweden)
  5. Jeff Loomis - The Ultimatum (Progressive Metal, United States)
  6. Nivatakavachas - Capnomancy (Death Metal, Switzerland)
  7. Frozen Soul - Crypt Of Ice (Death Metal, United States)
  8. Convulse - The Summoning (Progressive Death Metal, Finland)
  9. Atheist - Live and Live Again (Progressive Death Metal, United States)
  10. Slaughter To Prevail - Demolisher (Brutal Deathcore, Russia)
  11. Cogitations Of A Nihilist - Colder Days (Brutal Deathcore, Germany)
  12. Post Mortal Possession - Lobotomizing The God Particle (Brutal Death Metal, United States)
  13. Hooded Menace - Those Who Absorb The Night (Death Doom Metal, Finland)
  14. Asphyx - Knights Templar Stand (Death Doom Metal, Netherlands)
  15. Eternal Armageddon - Satanic Whispers (Blackened Thrash Metal, Indonesia)
  16. Sarke - Beheading Of The Circus Director (Blackened Thrash Metal, Norway)
  17. Grima - Enisey (Atmospheric Black Metal, Russia)
  18. Ofdrykkja - Swallowed By The Night (Neofolk, Sweden)
  19. Amenra - De Evenmens (Doom Metal, Belgium)
  20. Wazzara - Mænic (Post Metal, Switzerland)
  21. Hundred Year Old Man - Ascension (Post Metal, England)
  22. Hacride - Lazarus (Progressive Death Metal, France)
  23. Opeth - Bleak (Progressive Death Metal, Sweden)

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