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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2021-10-20

Posted on Wed, Oct 20 2021

Track Listing

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  1. Within The Fall - Veil Of Winter [Death Doom Metal, Sweden]
  2. Vanha - Dark Heart [Death Doom Metal, Sweden]
  3. Kuolemanlaakso - The World's Intolerable Pain [Death Doom Metal, Finland]
  4. Counting Hours - To Exit All False [Death Doom Metal, Finland]
  5. Décembre Noir - Barricades [Death Doom Metal, Germany]
  6. Marche Funèbre - When All Is Said [Death Doom Metal, Belgium]
  7. The 11th Hour - Origins Of Mourning [Death Doom Metal, Netherlands]
  8. Ghostheart Nebula - Ascension Pt. I: Cosmic River [Death Doom Metal, Italy]
  9. Shores Of Null - Donau [Doom Metal, Italy]
  10. Frailty - The Fall Of Eve [Death Doom Metal, Latvia]
  11. Torrens Conscientium - The Black Fog [Death Doom Metal, Ukraine]
  12. Clouds - This Heart, A Coffin [Atmospheric Doom Metal, International]
  13. Vacant Eyes - A Timeless Vault [Funeral Doom Metal, United States]
  14. DOOM:VS - White Coffins [Funeral Doom Metal, Sweden]
  15. Nailed To Obscurity - Black Frost [Doom Metal, Germany]
  16. Crimson Swan - On A Stream [Doom Metal, Germany]
  17. Ad Cinerem - Death Of A Wanderer [Doom Metal, Germany]
  18. Monumentum Damnati - In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King [Death Doom Metal, International]
  19. Nox Aurea - Distant Stars [Death Doom Metal, Sweden]
  20. Soijl - Death Do Us Part [Death Doom Metal, Sweden]
  21. Sun Of The Dying - White Skies And Grey Lands [Death Doom Metal, Spain]
  22. Myridian - One With The Abyss [Death Doom Metal, Australia]
  23. Opeth - Credence [Progressive Death Metal, Sweden]

Duration: 3h 39m 35s

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