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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2021-12-01

Posted on Wed, Dec 01 2021

Track Listing

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  1. Scritikall - Endorphin (Groove Metal, France)
  2. Ice Chemicals - Primal (Progressive Metalcore, France)
  3. Marto - Portaali (Metalcore, Finland)
  4. It's Dying Today - ToBreak (Deathcore, Japan)
  5. Seeds Of Blood - Another Victim Of Abuse (Deathcore, Austria)
  6. 夜叉 - 复活 (China)
  7. Healing Harm - Circle (Melodic Death Metal, Mexico)
  8. Darkness By Oath - The Real Silence (Melodic Death Metal, Spain)
  9. Gon - The Call (Melodic Black Metal, Poland)
  10. Destillat - Broken Chalice (Melodic Black Metal, Germany)
  11. Servant - Death Meditation (Melodic Black Metal, Germany)
  12. Skaur - Ved Noed Foelger Doed (Black Metal, Norway)
  13. Ernte - The Ending Void (Black Metal, Switzerland)
  14. I Helvete - Pohjaton Kuilu (Black Metal, Finland)
  15. Waldgeflüster - Mim Blick Aufn Kaiser (Black Metal, Germany)
  16. Agrypnie - Verwüstung (Post Black Metal, Germany)
  17. Numenorean - Coma (Post Black Metal, Canada)
  18. Unreqvited - Funeral Pyre (Post Black Metal, Canada)
  19. Isole - Beyond The Horizon (Doom Metal, Sweden)
  20. Ahab - Like Red Foam (The Great Storm) (Doom Metal, Germany)
  21. Swallow The Sun - The Void (Death Doom Metal, Finland)
  22. Katatonia - Vakaren (Death Doom Metal, Sweden)
  23. Opeth - Still Day Beneath The Sun (Progressive Death Metal, Sweden)

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