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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2022-02-02

Posted on Wed, Feb 02 2022

Track Listing

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  1. Lord Of The Lost - Ruins [Gothic Metal, Germany]
  2. Catalán - First Stop Station [Progressive Metal, Chile]
  3. Infected Rain - Postmortem Pt. 1 [Progressive Metal, Moldova]
  4. Riverwood - Dying Light [Folk Metal, Egypt]
  5. Wind Rose - Drunken Dwarves [Folk Metal, Italy]
  6. Avatar - Cruel And Unusual [Nu Metal, Sweden]
  7. Drill Star Autopsy - This Tribal Antidote [Groove Metal, Germany]
  8. Carnation - Reincarnation [Death Metal, Belgium]
  9. Disinter - The Hell We've Become [Death Metal, United States]
  10. Necrophagous - In Chaos, Ascend [Death Metal, Sweden]
  11. Darkened - Black Winter [Death Metal, International]
  12. Hadal Maw - Vile Veneration [Death Metal, Australia]
  13. Nihility - Martyrdom For The Herd [Brutal Death Metal, Portugal]
  14. Dark Millennium - Threshold [Doom Death Metal, Germany]
  15. Ahab - The Thing That Made Search [Doom Metal, Germany]
  16. Oar - Souls Lost In The Frost [Post Black Metal, Australia]
  17. Aliore - Es-tu Là? [Post Black Metal, France]
  18. Mossgiver - Speaking For The Light [Atmospheric Black Metal, Slovenia]
  19. Solza Mist - Soil [Post Black Metal, Russia]
  20. Alcest - L'île Des Morts [Post Black Metal, France]
  21. Dead Sun Rising - As Above, So Below [Post Metal, United States]
  22. Seven Nines And Tens - Popular Delusions [Post Metal, Canada]
  23. Opeth - Chrysalis [Progressive Death Metal, Sweden]

Duration: 2h 24m 0s

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