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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2022-02-09

Posted on Wed, Feb 09 2022

Track Listing

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  1. Sim - A [Metalcore, Japan]
  2. A Ghost Of Flare - Dark Cage [Metalcore, Japan]
  3. Sable Hills - Messiah [Metalcore, Japan]
  4. Hone Your Sense - Black Lotus [Metalcore, Japan]
  5. MergingMoon - Activate The Hell [Metalcore, Japan]
  6. Vaguedge Dies For Dies Irae - Flowering Afterlife [Doujin Melodic Death Metal, Japan]
  7. Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - 邪神の婚礼、儀は愛と知る [Doujin Melodic Death Metal, Japan]
  8. GxSxD - Die In Vain [Death Metal, Japan]
  9. Death I Am - Defiled Ethereal [Death Metal, Japan]
  10. 兀突骨 - 文物ト戦 [Death Metal, Japan]
  11. Desecravity - Impure Confrontation [Brutal Technical Death Metal, Japan]
  12. Divinitist - Imitator Ov Deities In False Genesis [Brutal Slamming Death Metal, Japan]
  13. Deviloof - Ruin [Deathcore, Japan]
  14. Inception Of Genocide - Light It Up [Deathcore, Japan]
  15. Last Day Dream - Violet Blood [Deathcore, Japan]
  16. Hotoke - Trend Kill [Deathcore, Japan]
  17. Tyrant - Devil's Pact [Symphonic Black Metal, Japan]
  18. Deathbed - Regret [Post Black Metal, Japan]
  19. Sawagi - Sandersonia Aurantiaca [Post Black Metal, Japan]
  20. 雲雀 - The Wheel Of Sins [Post Black Metal, Japan]
  21. Ningen Isu - March Of The Gods [Heavy Metal, Japan]
  22. Notiibelikesomeone - The Last Voyage Of The Albatross [Progressive Metal, Japan]
  23. Opeth - Faith In Others [Progressive Death Metal, Japan]

Duration: 2h 0m 13s

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