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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2022-03-09

Posted on Wed, Mar 09 2022

Track Listing

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  1. Zeal & Ardor - I Caught You [Avantgarde Metal, Switzerland]
  2. Whispered - Strike! [Melodic Death Metal, Finland]
  3. Allegaeon - Called Home [Technical Melodic Death Metal, United States]
  4. Persefone - Katabasis [Progressive Death Metal, Andorra]
  5. Septicflesh - Hierophant [Blackened Death Metal, Greece]
  6. Ex Deo - Imperator [Blackened Death Metal, Canada]
  7. Soliloquium - Stillwater [Death Doom Metal, Sweden]
  8. October Tide - We Died In October [Death Doom Metal, Sweden]
  9. Katatonia - I Transpire [Death Doom Metal, Sweden]
  10. Sakis Tolis - Among The Fires Of Hell [Death Doom Metal, Greece]
  11. Head Of The Demon - Dawn Walker [Doom Metal, Sweden]
  12. Saturnalia Temple - Black Magic Metal [Doom Metal, Sweden]
  13. Vouna - Grey Sky [Doom Metal, United States]
  14. Deathspell Omega - The Fires Of Frustration [Black Metal, France]
  15. Wolves In The Throne Room - Mountain Magick [Black Metal, United States]
  16. Sigh - Heir To Despair [Avantgarde Metal, Japan]
  17. In The Woods - Empty Streets [Avantgarde Metal, Norway]
  18. Myrkur - Ulvinde [Post Black Metal, Denmark]
  19. Oathbreaker - Immortals [Post Black Metal, Belgium]
  20. Départe - Vessel [Post Black Metal, Australia]
  21. Wildernessking - I Will Go To Your Tomb [Post Black Metal, South Africa]
  22. Les Discrets - The Scent Of Spring Moonraker [Post Rock, France]
  23. Opeth - Hex Omega [Progressive Death Metal, Sweden]

Duration: 2h 35m 40s

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