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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2022-05-04

Posted on Wed, May 04 2022

Track Listing

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  1. Jestress - Wastelands [Metalcore, International]
  2. Misery Index - Complete Control [Death Metal, United States]
  3. Centinex - Armageddon [Death Metal, Sweden]
  4. Jungle Rot - A Call To Arms [Death Metal, United States]
  5. Demonical - We Conquer The Throne [Death Metal, Sweden]
  6. Dragonbreed - The Undying [Melodic Death Metal, Germany]
  7. As The Sun Falls - Beneath Dark Clouds [Melodic Death Metal, Switzerland]
  8. Opal Insight - A Ghost In My Arms [Death Doom Metal, France]
  9. Sadist - Accabadora [Progressive Death Metal, Italy]
  10. Fit For An Autopsy - Far From Heaven [Deathcore, United States]
  11. Soreption - Död Jord [Technical Death Metal, Sweden]
  12. Fallujah - Radiant Ascension [Technical Death Metal, United States]
  13. Exocrine - The Hybrid Suns [Technical Death Metal, France]
  14. Atoll - Hitchhiker [Brutal Death Metal, United States]
  15. Bloodred - Fire, Ash And Dust [Blackened Death Metal, Germany]
  16. Belphegor - Totentanz Dance Macabre [Blackened Death Metal, Austria]
  17. Black Negative Domination - My Abyss [Melodic Black Metal, International]
  18. Saor - Origins [Atmospheric Black Metal, Scotland]
  19. Rotting Christ - In The Name Of God [Melodic Black Metal, Greece]
  20. Mgła - Exercises In Futility V [Black Metal, Poland]
  21. Black Void - Dadaist Disgust [Black Metal, Norway]
  22. Auðn - Eldborg [Post Black Metal, Iceland]
  23. Opeth - A Fair Judgement [Progressive Death Metal, Sweden]

Duration: 1h 52m 45s

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