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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2022-07-27

Posted on Wed, Jul 27 2022

Track Listing

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  1. Carcinizer - The Day It Came From The Sky [Doom Metal, Germany]
  2. Wolf Counsel - Remembrance [Doom Metal, Switzerland]
  3. Ahab - To Mourn Job [Doom Metal, Germany]
  4. Giants Voice - Fracture [Doom Metal, Germany]
  5. Sign Of Cain - To Be Drawn And To Drown [Death Doom Metal, Israel]
  6. Nothgard - Dominion Of Cain [Melodic Death Metal, Germany]
  7. Aesmah - Stained Souls [Melodic Death Metal, France]
  8. Disparaged - Coffin In The Wasteland [Death Metal, Switzerland]
  9. Castrator - Tormented By Atrocities [Death Metal, United States]
  10. Torturized - Ecocide [Death Metal, Germany]
  11. Consumption - Ground Into Ash And Coal [Death Metal, Sweden]
  12. Deadborn - Abortive Interment [Technical Death Metal, Germany]
  13. Wake - Swallow The Light [Blackened Death Metal, Canada]
  14. Witchery - Storm Of The Unborn [Blackened Thrash Metal, Sweden]
  15. Fäulnis - Weil Wegen Verachtung [Black Metal, Germany]
  16. Imperium Dekadenz - Bis Ich Bin [Black Metal, Germany]
  17. Obsequial Joy - Helpless [Depressive Black Metal, Taiwan]
  18. Nocte Obducta - Der Greis Und Die Reiterin [Avantgarde Black Metal, Germany]
  19. Harakiri For The Sky - Sing For The Damage We've Done [Post Black Metal, Austria]
  20. Karg - Einen Traum Weiter Dort Fangen Wir Das Licht [Post Black Metal, Austria]
  21. Agrypnie - Melatonin [Post Black Metal, Germany]
  22. Svalbard - Disparity [Post Black Metal, England]
  23. Opeth - Minnets Yta [Progressive Death Metal, Sweden]

Duration: 2h 24m 23s

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