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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2022-08-03

Posted on Wed, Aug 03 2022

Track Listing

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  1. Mind Patrol - S.O.S. [Thrash Metal, Switzerland]
  2. Trauma - Walk Away [Thrash Metal, United States]
  3. Ghøstkid - Supernøva [Industrial Metal, Germany]
  4. Blind Guardian - Violent Shadows [Power Metal, Germany]
  5. In Flames - The Great Deceiver [Melodic Death Metal, Sweden]
  6. Slaughter The Giant - Co-ed Butcher [Melodic Death Metal, Belgium]
  7. Dormanth - State Of Mind [Melodic Death Metal, Spain]
  8. Fenris Vrede - Døden Bringer Meg [Melodic Death Metal, Norway]
  9. Krisiun - War Blood Hammer [Death Metal, Brazil]
  10. Reincarnage - By Violence Be Purged [Death Metal, Sweden]
  11. Fallujah - Embrace Oblivion [Technical Death Metal, United States]
  12. Lorna Shore - Cursed To Die [Deathcore, United States]
  13. Strigoi - Hollow [Blackened Death Metal, England]
  14. Goatwhore - Born Of Satan's Flesh [Blackened Death Metal, United States]
  15. Behemoth - The Deathless Sun [Blackened Death Metal, Poland]
  16. Firtan - Amor Fati [Pagan Metal, Germany]
  17. Groza - Homewards [Black Metal, Germany]
  18. Maladie - My Soul, Old [Avantgarde Black Metal, Germany]
  19. Constellatia - Empyrean [Post Black Metal, South Africa]
  20. Ellende - Abschied [Post Black Metal, Austria]
  21. Abysslooker - Chalice Of Grief [Post Metal, Russia]
  22. Crippled Black Phoenix - Everything Is Beautiful But Us [Post Rock, England]
  23. Opeth - A Fleeting Glance [Progressive Death Metal, Sweden]

Duration: 1h 58m 45s

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