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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2022-09-14

Posted on Wed, Sep 14 2022

Track Listing

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  1. Queensrÿche - Behind The Walls [Progressive Power Metal, United States]
  2. Borealis - Pray For Water [Power Metal, Canada]
  3. Sumerlands - Force Of A Storm [Heavy Metal, United States]
  4. Parasite Inc - First Born [Melodic Death Metal, Germany]
  5. Sylosis - Heavy Is The Crown [Melodic Death Metal, England]
  6. Vermocracy - Necrocracy [Melodic Death Metal, Austria]
  7. Battlesword - Terra Combusta [Melodic Death Metal, Germany]
  8. Within The Fall - Navigator [Death Doom Metal, Sweden]
  9. Pilgrimage - Silent Descent Into Solitude [Death Doom Metal, International]
  10. Consumption - Ground Into Ash And Coal [Death Metal, Sweden]
  11. Revocation - Nihilistic Violence [Death Metal, United States]
  12. Benediction - Iterations Of I [Death Metal, England]
  13. Xenobiotic - Sever The Ties [Technical Death Metal, Australia]
  14. The Wind Covenant - Long Forgotten [Deathcore, Italy]
  15. Signs Of The Swarm - Unbridled [Brutal Deathcore, United States]
  16. Cincinatti Bowtie - The Rise Of The Shadow Knights [Blackened Deathcore, England]
  17. Timor Et Tremor - Of Wolf And Sun [Pagan Metal, Germany]
  18. Horn - Galgenblech [Black Metal, Germany]
  19. Aenaon - Hysteria [Progressive Black Metal, Greece]
  20. Blackbraid - Sacandaga [Atmospheric Black Metal, United States]
  21. Celeste - Il A Tant Rêvé D'elles [Post Black Metal, France]
  22. Irist - Surging Ablaze [Post Metal, United States]
  23. Opeth - Coil [Progressive Death Metal, Sweden]

Duration: 2h 1m 15s

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