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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2022-09-21

Posted on Wed, Sep 21 2022

Track Listing

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  1. Dynazty - The White [Heavy Metal, Sweden]
  2. Saint Deamon - Captain Saint D [Power Metal, Sweden]
  3. Tribulation - Hamartia [Gothic Metal, Sweden]
  4. Fall Of Carthage - Sesame Seeds [Groove Metal, Germany]
  5. Aeternam - The Fall Of Constantinople [Melodic Death Metal, Canada]
  6. Clamoris - A Window To My Dreams [Melodic Death Metal, Finland]
  7. Psycroptic - The Prophet's Council [Progressive Death Metal, Australia]
  8. Death - Open Casket [Death Metal, United States]
  9. Baest - Ecclesia [Death Metal, Denmark]
  10. Cadaver - Years Of Nothing [Death Metal, Norway]
  11. Omophagia - I Live For Your Death [Brutal Death Metal, Switzerland]
  12. Cabal - Exit Wound [Deathcore, Denmark]
  13. Emberthrone - A Bitter Path [Deathcore, United States]
  14. Autotomy - Piggy Dommer [Grindcore, International]
  15. Goatwhore - Death From Above [Blackened Death Metal, United States]
  16. Nordjevel - Of Rats And Men [Black Metal, Norway]
  17. Theotoxin - World, Burn For Us [Black Metal, Austria]
  18. Blackbraid - The River Of Time Flows Through Me [Atmospheric Black Metal, United States]
  19. Vermilia - Tuonen Joki [Atmospheric Black Metal, Finland]
  20. Woods Of Desolation - The Falling Tide [Post Black Metal, Australia]
  21. Ellende - Freier Fall [Post Black Metal, Austria]
  22. Intronaut - Cubensis [Progressive Metal, United States]
  23. Opeth - Slither [Progressive Death Metal, Sweden]

Duration: 1h 59m 2s

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