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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2022-09-28

Posted on Wed, Sep 28 2022

Track Listing

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  1. Ignea - Alexandria [Symphonic Metal, Ukraine]
  2. Blind Guardian - Architects Of Doom [Power Metal, Germany]
  3. Darkest Era - Floodlands [Heavy Metal, Northern Ireland]
  4. Venom Inc. - There's Only Black [Heavy Metal, England]
  5. Epoch Of Unlight - An Amaranthine Line [Melodic Death Metal, United States]
  6. Hollow Decay - Upon The Frozen Trail [Melodic Death Metal, Australia]
  7. Slow Fall - All The Blood [Melodic Death Metal, Finland]
  8. Slaughter The Giant - The Undead [Melodic Death Metal, Belgium]
  9. Bather - Phantom Guilt [Death Metal, United States]
  10. Phobophilic - Nauseating Despair [Death Metal, United States]
  11. Exhumed - Carbonized [Grindcore, United States]
  12. Blood Red Throne - Conquered Malevolence [Brutal Death Metal, Norway]
  13. The Dark Alamorte - Infernal Judgement [Atmospheric Deathcore, United States]
  14. Hammer Of Dawn - Berserker [Blackened Death Metal, United States]
  15. Book Of Black Earth - I See Demons [Blackened Death Metal, United States]
  16. Behemoth - Versvs Christvs [Blackened Death Metal, Poland]
  17. Fäust - When Death Spawns Fire [Melodic Black Metal, France]
  18. Vermilia - Hautavajo [Atmospheric Black Metal, Finland]
  19. Hail Spirit Noir - Crossroads [Psychedelic Progressive Black Metal, Greece]
  20. Trees Of Eternity - Broken Mirror [Atmospheric Doom Metal, Sweden]
  21. Thy Listless Heart - The Precipice [Doom Metal, England]
  22. Bluj - Ivory [Progressive Metal, United States]
  23. Opeth - The Seventh Sojourn [Progressive Rock, Sweden]

Duration: 2h 2m 47s

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