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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2022-12-14

Posted on Wed, Dec 14 2022

Track Listing

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  1. Underside - Satan In Your Stereo [Metalcore, Nepal]
  2. Desecrator - Summoning [Thrash Metal, Australia]
  3. Nervosa - Under Ruins [Thrash Metal, Brazil]
  4. Hellripper - The Nuckelavee [Blackened Speed Metal, Scotland]
  5. Bizarrekult - Midt I Stormen [Progressive Black Metal, Norway]
  6. Nachtrab - Outside The Circle [Melodic Death Metal, Germany]
  7. Self-Deceiver - Where The Purest Souls [Melodic Death Metal, Colombia]
  8. Ashen - Cursed Rebirth [Melodic Death Metal, Australia]
  9. Scarab - Necropotence [Death Metal, Egypt]
  10. Wired Anxiety - God's TV [Death Metal, India]
  11. Obvurt - Invisible Enemy [Technical Death Metal, Canada]
  12. Hour Of Penance - Sovereign Nation [Technical Death Metal, Italy]
  13. An Abstract Illusion - Slaves [Progressive Death Metal, Sweden]
  14. Obscura - Heritage [Progressive Death Metal, Germany]
  15. Graveworm - Dead Words [Death Doom Metal, Italy]
  16. Oak - Disintegrate I [Death Doom Metal, Portugal]
  17. Isole - Green Demon [Epic Doom Metal, Sweden]
  18. Mournfoul Congregation - An Epic Dream Of Desire [Funeral Doom Metal, Australia]
  19. Abyssic - Mirror Of Sorrow [Symphonic Doom Metal, Norway]
  20. Talsur - Alter Birth [Melodic Doom Metal, Russia]
  21. Nebulae - Potato [Progressive Metal, Italy]
  22. Ne Obliviscaris - Equus [Progressive Metal, Australia]
  23. Opeth - All Things Will Pass [Progressive Rock, Sweden]

Duration: 2h 25m 3s

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