Afterthoughts on April


This month was rather uneventful, I think.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

What a surprise in the beginning of April - for whatever reason we had another round of snow which turned Central Switzerland (and probably other places well) into Winter Wonderland. The picture below has been taken during a stroll at Mt. Pilatus.

Winter Wonderland

Lost in Markdown

April also carried out a bunch of changes to the page again. The changes are mostly about the correctness of the markdown which is used as the input for the HTML pages and have rather minor visual impact on the generated HTML.

Correctness of the markdown is now being taken care of by a linter which is executed by pre-commit as a hook. In order to make it work with my pages, I had to disable one particular rule (MD043/required-headings/required-headers) as the title of the page which is wrapped in a <h1> tag is not defined in the input markdown, but taken from the frontmatter and thus injected via the template engine.