Afterthoughts on February


COVID-19 Infection

As unfortunate as it was, February came along with a postive test for COVID-19. Aside from the constant feeling of exhaustion it was quite okay, though it took 1.5 weeks to recover. It could have turned out worse without the booster shot which I received mid January.

This is not fun. Take care and get vaccinated.


Sadly, the Mastodon instance that I am using was subject to a longer outage in the end of the month which also prevented me from live tooting my metalmittwoch contributions. Afterwards I have been on a one week vacation (back in Germany) so I skipped the following week as well.

Speaking of metalmittwoch, I have added the playlist duration to the contribution pages and fixed several broken links to videos which have been either taken down or are age restricted or the uploaders profile had been removed, etc. There is one video link in 2021-02-24 I was unable to fix though.


By end of February I returned to Germany for a one week stay, just visting friends and such. It was quite an odd feeling, as the city appeared so serious — I mean in contrast to Switzerland, which is at times just to relaxed given the circumstances. With some people you had the feeling that they are now entirely done with that pandemic and the measurements, some even started to sport extreme opinions which left me puzzled more than once. Nonetheless, it was great to be back, but equally great to return to Switzerland.


I don't feel like losing to much words here. It's a tragedy and it's utterly wrong. I just hope this ends very soon.