Afterthoughts on June


The May edition had been skipped and though June was not too uneventful either, let's give updates anyway.

Balcony Sofa

Since we moved to Switzerland we can enjoy a balcony again, which we missed in our German flat. Naturally we did not have any furniture for balconies (and the majority are freakishly expensive) so we build a EUR-pallet based sofa.

Balcony Sofa

MetalMittwoch Syntax Checked

Throughout June I have spent a good portion of my time on checking all metalmittwoch playlist pages for spelling errors, wording/naming alignments, case sensivity, syntactical issues, etc. It's amazing how much of those little things you sometimes miss. A good part of the checks had been performed via a Python script and I have to admit that I really start to enjoy it - yes, says the Perl guy.

The Big Move

The biggest change to the blog is certainly the migration from Github Pages to Codeberg Pages which is effective Jul 1 2022.