April 2024 in a Nutshell


Ever had that moment when you start an episode, the previously on sums up the events and you're like: I have no effin memory of this? This pretty much happened when I started to watch Star Trek: Discovery - Season 5. I didn't recognize any of the mentioned events. All of a sudden it struck me: I didn't watch season 4 at all. So I'm currently catching up on that, almost through with it, but this is kind of painful. The story is probably not the worst, but it just doesn't really click for me. Maybe that's also in parts due that overly dramatic presentation at times, specifically when it comes to Book and Michael. Not too thrilled to also watch season 5, but since it's the last one, I'll most likely give it a shot.

Regarding the 3 Body Problem, this did not disappoint. As said last time, you really have to let go of the books and get carried away by the show itself. Does it have its quirks? Yes, for sure, but it's a really well executed show that even if the effects are flashy, doesn't really lose that nerd feel. It's about science, certainly not as hard as in the books, but still. This was a fun watch and I'm hyped for season 2.

Usually I'm very reluctant with video game adoptions as they tend to go downhill very fast, but a true and pleasant exception is Fallout. Geez, this is massive and sick and the producers just go it right in every single bit. I'm just four episodes in, but very sure that they didn't fuck it up. It's clearly one of the best shows that you can watch the moment.

WWE WrestleMania 40 - the era of Paul "Triple H" Levesque. This felt very different from the last couple of WrestleMania's and perfectly showed that Triple H has a vision for the product and is open to new things and is not shy to break with old customs. Day 1 was perfectly acceptable entertainment, but Day 2 just nailed it. This was as close as you can get to perfection. The matches, the presentation, just everything was to the point and perfectly executed. Which brings me to AEW Dynasty. I'm a huge fan of AEWs ability to put on awesome PPVs and this was no different. One of the best cards they ever had, brilliant execution and a definitive Match of the Year candidate and all time classic with Will Ospreay vs Bryan Danielson. These two guys just delivered a real banger and tore the house down, as attested by Dave Meltzer with a 6.5 star rating. A must watch.


Quite some time ago I stumbled over a death metal band from Denmark called Baest on YouTube, which totally blew me away, but for unknown reasons I didn't really follow up on them. At least, until just recently. I stumbled over them again and checked out their extended play Justitia and had to immediately also buy there third studio album Necro Sapiens. If you're into old-school death metal, but with a big, contemporary production, then this Danes are the band for you.


Neither I really had time to catch up with Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name nor finish Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt but well, the internet is a weird place and so I ended up with a few rounds of Dog Poo Golf. It's exactly what you depict; throwing a bag of dog poo over a course to dump into a trash bin. Gross? For sure, but entertaining as well, at least for a short time.

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