The Ugly Duck Theme

Be rest assured this page is not broken though it might appear so. I have to admit that I always wanted to do something like this ever since I visited Felix von Leitner's blog the very first time quite some ages ago.

So why now? Bradley Taunt's post A Reality Where CSS and JavaScript Don't Exist reignited the idea again to fully rely on browser's default styling to render HTML.

I spend a significant portion of my career in developing web-based user interfaces and thus CSS and Javascript have been my every day tools for a long time. I opted out of that Javascript madness in 2018 - primarily due to the rampant flood of new frameworks which have been surfacing every single day. Ditching CSS is just the next step.

Don't get me wrong - I really enjoy good design and there are legitimate reasons for well designed websites, but I also had to realize that I hardly visit websites anymore. Usually I'm reading news or articles via a RSS/Atom feed reader, preferably in newsboat or it's something like mastodon which I consume via tut.

In a nutshell: at this point of my life I couldn't care less how a website looks like as I'm just interested in the content, not the fancy flashy styling.